Alvin and meet the wolfman-Munks on mision

27. srpna 2009 v 10:43 | Brittany |  ♥Chipmunks lyrics (karaoke texty)

Munks on mision

There's something wicked out there
We feel it in the air
It whispers come and find me
If you dare

We sense disaster lurking
Must save the neighbourhood
This monster must be stopped
For good.

We're Munks on a mission
We'll keep on searchin'
Munks on a mission
Whether by day or moonlight
Munks on a mission
We'll keep on lookin'
Munks on a mission
Makin' it safe out at night

We see a full moon rising
We hear the howls at night
Still you remain out of our sight

We know we're getting closer
We don't know what's in store
But clues are leading to your door

(repeat chorus)


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