Chipmunk adventure-Flying with the eagle

27. srpna 2009 v 11:11 |  ♥Chipmunks lyrics (karaoke texty)
Watch us as the earth becomes smaller
Smell as the breezes wind
Gently by... isn't it grand?
We are miles from sea
And years from land...
Look at the space that surrounds us
Feel as we glide through
A pure white cloud
Floating so free. What is up ahead...
We'll see

We're flying with the eagles now
We've just begun our sail
We've got our mission all mapped out
It will be a wondrous tale
We'll land on every foreign shore
Though we've not long to stay...
We're headed toward
The rainbow's end
Where the sun is shining...
Flying with the eagles now
And we must be on our way...

Up here we're free from all troubles
Up here it seems that life's all so clear
As we're in flight and we glide
Into the dark still night...
Look now the stars are appearing
So close we almost can touch
Their soft glistening eyes
They are angels in disguise

(Repeat Chorus)


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