Chipmunk adventure-I yi yi yi

27. srpna 2009 v 10:52 | brittany |  ♥Chipmunks lyrics (karaoke texty)
I yi yi yi
I yi yi yi yi yi yi
I yi yi yi yi I like you very much
I yi yi yi yi I think your grand
Why why why is it that
When I feel your touch
My heart starts to beat to beat the band
I yi yi yi I like you to hold me tight
You are too too too too devine
If you want to be
In someone's arms tonight
Just be sure the arms you're in are mine

I like your lips
And I like your eyes
Do you like my hips
To hypnotize you

See see see see see the moon above
Way way way way way up in the blue
Si si seniorita I think I fall in love
And when I fall I think I fall for you
I yi yi yi
Si si si si
I yi yi yi
Can see see see
Can see see see that you're for me


Ok chipmunks hit it!
Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha

You've gotta get going
Where you're going
What 'cha gonna do
We're on our way to somewhere
The three of us and you
A Hunh!
Who will be there
What'll we see there
What a really big surprise
There may be senioritas
With dark and flashing eyes
We're on our way (Repeat)
Pack up your pack (Repeat)
And if we stay (Repeat)
We won't be back (Repeat)
How can we go (Repeat)
We haven't gotta gotta dime
But we're going
And we're gonna have a happy time
Ha Ha Ha
Cuanta le gusta
Le Gusta (6X)
Cuanta le gusta
Le gusta (5X)

Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Yi Yi!

(Repeat all)


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