Chipmunk adventure-Off the see the world

27. srpna 2009 v 10:54 | brittany |  ♥Chipmunks lyrics (karaoke texty)

Gliding through the airwaves
Making the right stops
Through a storybook of places
Making all our drops

See the cliffs of Dover
And over to the right
Are the snowy white-capped Alps
Majestic standing bright

Hey don't you know that
we're off to see the world
We're off to find our dreams
Why are our hearts beating so fast
Why is there suddenly a brand new
Hope inside us that will surely last

Hey don't you know that
We're off to see the world
We're off to find things new
So we will follow every clue
Just that there's suddenly a chance
To find if all we dreamed
In dreams was true

Just flew over Switzerland
Destination set
Heading now for Africa
A quest we won't forget

Faced a threat in Rio
We could be in for more
And now we are descending
I can see Italy's shore

(Repeat Chorus)


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