Chipmunk adventure-Weekend In France, Italy, England, Amsterdam, Greece

27. srpna 2009 v 11:23 | Brittany |  ♥Chipmunks lyrics (karaoke texty)
How I love wooden shoes
And white tulips
Where the glorious windmills abound

Dave: "We're not in Holland, Alvin"

Alvin: "Oh!"
And the chime of Big Ben
Can be heard around the town
Where the guards stand
So straight at the palace
And the fog is as thick as it gets

Dave: "We're not in England"

Alvin: "I knew that"
And the leaning tower
Even though it is bent

Dave: "Not Italy"
There is nothing as great as Spain

Dave: "Nope"
Or dancing at Oktoberfest

Dave: "Try again"
My heart soars in Amsterdam

Dave: "Uh uh"
And skiing in San Moritz

Dave: "Wrong"
As we ride through the desert on camels
The sun beating upon our face

Dave: "Camels? Do you see any camels, Alvin?!"
And the kangaroos are hopping
All around the place

Dave: "Kangaroos?"
As the African lions approach us
And we barely escape with our lives

Dave: "Oh, come on!"
We crawled over
the Great Wall of China
And woke up in Budapest
To our surprise

Dave: "Alvin…"
There is nothing as great as Nome

Dave: "Alaska?"
Or sailing down the blue Danube

Dave: "Oh my gosh"
The royalty of Monaco

Dave: "Uh, hold it"
We may never go back home

Dave: "Fellows…"
As the snakes sway and dance
Out of baskets And the…

Dave: "Okay, that's it you guys,
hold it right there.
There's no dancing snakes
Or kangaroos or lions approaching.
We're in Greece.
Home of the Parthenon, the Acropolis,
The Eiffel Tower."

Alvin: "Dave, the Eiffel Tower
is in France."

Dave: "I knew that. You guys
have got me all mixed up.
London, Switzerland,
Where are we?"


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